It is our responsibility to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of Clients in the context of changing legal regulations, promptly support and give them advice on diverse labor issues.

Our lawyers have successfully built up a complete set of  legal procedures, serving enterprises and laborers. We make every effort to thoroughly understand our Clients as well as their specific industries, thereby to find them solutions to employment efficiency, safety and full compliance with the laws of Vietnam.

Our legal services regarding Labor and Employment include:

  • To advise and build a complete system of documents related to compliance with labor laws such as labor contracts, internal regulations, collective labor agreements, procedures of labor discipline, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), etc.,
  • To give advice on labor administrations and compliance with the laws on labor.
  • To represent and on behalf of the Clients negotiating, mediating to find out the best solutions;
  • To settle labor disputes at the competent authorities;
  • On behalf of Clients to attend mediations & litigation at a court with regard to labor dispute settlement;
  • To support our Clients in grant of visas, work permits, temporary resident cards and other relevant issues.

Should you need further legal assistance regarding Labor and Employment, please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected] or fill in the following form.

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