Along with the process of economic reform and restructuring, M & A is increasingly popular in Vietnam through which many foreign investors have entered into Vietnamese market. It is one of the most complex yet potential activities for foreign Investors to seek new opportunities, increase market shares or enhance competitive edges in the market of Vietnam.

In combination with international experience and local knowledge, our lawyers who are experts in the field of law, tax, finance, work together to deal with complex transactions related to many aspects of target companies after M & A process such as real estates, asset trademarks, labors, intellectual property, non-disclosure and disputes.

Legal Services on M & A focus primarily on Legal Due Diligence with the purpose of offering comprehensive consultancy to Clients. In addition to acquisition of shares/capital contribution of target companies in Vietnam, our lawyers can assist Clients in understanding the Vietnamese market as well as evaluating benefits and risks related to legal policies of the Government, which will help Clients to get a more general overview of transactions in order to make the most informed decisions.

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