ALB & Partners is a professional law firm that provides comprehensive legal services to Clients. We focus our resources primarily on serving our Clients as enterprises or international and local organizations, helping them minimize their costs, ensure their compliance with the law, and focus on core business activities.

We are deeply aware of building and protecting our core values. All legal services provided are required to achieve Professionalism, Promptness, and  highest level of Expertise.

It is our understanding that so as to earn the absolute trust from our Partners and Clients, ALB & PARTNERS LAW FIRM must constantly build and protect these core values ​​of the Company.

  • Professionalism: We are constantly making every effort to provide the best legal services to our Clients. Every member of the Company have jointly established and developed our standards of Professionalism in the process of work, ranging from Search, Receipt of Client Requests, Analysis, Solution making, Implementation and Handover of results to Clients. Effectiveness as expected by Clients is what we attempt to achieve.
  • Promptness: It is our awareness that every transaction, or business opportunity as well as legal opinion promptly provided to Clients is extremely important to their business activities. Understanding Clients’ desires, competitive pressures, and economic risks they can encounter during their business operations, we strive to fulfill their requirements within a reasonable time as promptly as possible.
  • Expertise: Providing legal services is a specific profession, requiring practical knowledge and experience as well as ability to understand  Clients’ situations. Members at ALB & Partners Law Firm are well-trained with outstanding legal background, mastering skills of law practice to deal with Clients' cases. We can consider their issues comprehensively, assess legal risks and provide practical solutions to eliminate or minimize such risks.

For further information on our legal services, please feel free to contact our lawyers via phone number (+84) 907.008.722 or email: [email protected]