One of the strengths of ALB & Partners Law Firm is to assist corporate clients in debts collection during their business operation in Vietnam. Our mission is to provide the most unique and professional techniques for debt collection and debt recovery for our clients.

It is a common understanding that chasing overdue debts or payment is really challenging and frustrating. There are so many cases in which debtors try to hide their assets, ignore payment obligation, or use other ways to avoid paying debts.

In Vietnam, there are currently two popular ways to collect and recover outstanding debts. The first is litigation way, which is to submit a petition to a Court and solicit assistance. It is a long and time-consuming process, and when there is a Judgement from the Court, debtors have already sold out their assets or transferred to another, or they have gone bankruptcy, and nothing left for creditors to collect.

The second way is to ask a debt collection or recovery company for help, and most of us understand what actions this kind of company usually take is violence and “mafia-like”. Then what consequence can we expect from that?

At ALB & Partners Law Firm, we have our own special legal techniques to assist corporate clients in recovering and collecting overdue debts very quickly and efficiently, which we believe that clients cannot find anywhere. Our clients do not have to wait in long process of litigation or be concerned about the danger of violence.

For a typical case of our debt collection service, on March 9th, 2021, We assisted Hoa Binh Construction Group, the biggest construction corporation in Vietnam, in winning the lawsuit of debt collection against FLC Group Joint Stock Company (“FLC”), collecting a debt of more than 276 billion VND (nearly $12 million). For further information on the case, please refer to our Client’s website:

Should you need further legal assistance regarding the regular debt collection and debt collection service, please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected] or fill in the following form.

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