Our lawyers have extensive understanding of the laws and business culture in Vietnam, therefore, we always take proactive approaches to settle disputes, providing helpful advice and seeking to achieve cost and time effective solutions for our Clients.

It is our strength that is capable of representing Clients in cases that are complicated, high-value and difficult to settle.

We have developed a strong customized team of leading litigators and industry experts such as auditors, tax accountants, seasoned attorneys as well as experienced former judges and procurators whose expertise is combined to take advantage of all best strengths and resources to protect legitimate rights and interests of Clients.

Our Legal services regarding Litigation and Dispute Resolution include:

  • Studying and giving comprehensive legal advice to Clients with regard to their disputes (in both legal and economic aspects);
  • Representing Clients in negotiation and discussion to find out the best solutions to their civil and commercial disputes;
  • On behalf of Clients to attend mediation, litigation & arbitration cases at a relevant Court or Arbitration Center;
  • Advising and resolving Member/Shareholder disputes inside a company;
  • Dealing with joint venture agreements or Partnership disputes;
  • Dealing with disputes arising out of commercial or civil agreements;
  • Settling disputes over sale/ supply of goods or services;
  • Requesting for emergency measures which is vital in many cases to guarantee possibility of verdict enforcement;
  • Working with enforcement bodies to make effective verdicts, decision, arbitration awards enforced.

ALB & Partners at all times strives to maintain its strength and position as a leading litigation law firm in Vietnam by offering the best strategies in litigation & dispute cases for Clients.

Should you need further legal assistance regarding Litigation & Dispute Resolution, please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected] or fill out the following form.

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