Retainer service is currently in high demand for enterprises. From our economic perspective and experience, we recognize that using legal retainer shall help enterprises to prevent legal risks, save time and expenses in order for them to focus on their core business, long-terms and sustainable development.

In addition, clients using this legal retainer can take advantage of reduced and preferential lawyer’s fee for other services.

Our retainer service includes:

– To update and advise clients on the latest laws and regulations related to every corner of their business operations;
– To draft, review and revise internal documents such as meeting minutes, resolutions of the board of management, and any necessary forms and papers in scope of business operation for clients;
– To give advice on every type of contracts and agreements to protect clients in every transaction;
– To assist the Clients in the process of contract negotiation with their business partners, customers, suppliers, buyers in domestic or overseas transactions;
– To assist clients in establishing corporate governance & legal compliance as well as suggesting policies on labor & employment;
– To represent clients to deal with labor-related issues;
– On behalf of clients to work with government authorities;
– To provide legal training for the management and staff at the request of clients;
– To connect, introduce clients to potential partners in order to cooperate and develop together;

For further information on this service, please contact us via email: or phone: +84 907008722


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