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Why Vietnam?

  • 1

    Fast Growing Economy

  • 2

    Political Stability

  • 3

    Young and Low-Cost Workforce

  • 4

    Attractive Tax Regime

  • 5

    Free International Trade Agreements

  • 6

    Favorable Geography for International Trade

  • 7

    Open Door Policy for Foreign Investment

Your Trusted Legal Partner in Registering Your Business in Vietnam

When it comes to choosing a professional law firm to assist in registering your business in Vietnam, ALB & Partner is your ideal legal partner.

Our company establishment and licensing services are intended with simple and practical advice as well as clear processes from start to finish to successfully launch your business.

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Simple Process of Registering Your Company in Vietnam

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    Contact our professional business lawyers

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    Describe your business plans in Vietnam

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    Get legal advice from the lawyers and select the best structure for your business

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    Collect required information and documents

  • 5

    Apply for business licenses

  • 6

    Complete relevant post-registration

  • 7

    Run your business

  • Estimated time of completion: 30 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the law firm’s office?

ALB & Partners Law Firm is located in 32 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Ward 19, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Can a foreign investor set up a foreign-owned company in Vietnam?

Yes, foreign investors can register a 100% foreign-owned company in most industries under the laws of Vietnam.

What types of company can a foreign investor register in Vietnam?

There are 2 types of company investors can consider when setting up a company in Vietnam:
– Limited Liability Company (LLC)
– Joint Stock Company (JSC)

Is there a minimum capital required for registration of a company in Vietnam?

It is not required for most industries under the laws, therefore, investors can consider capital demand for intended business activities in Vietnam.

Is it required to have a local partner in the company?

No, it is not. Most businesses are allowed for 100% foreign ownership.

Is it required to have a registered address for the company?

Yes, it is. Virtual office address is also acceptable for small business.

What business licenses are required to obtain to open a company?

There are 2 business licenses for a normal company, which does not need special approval or sub-license:
– Investment Registration Certificate (IRC)
– Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC)

Can a company have more than 1 director?

Yes, it can. There is no limitation on the number of directors.

How long does it take to register a foreign-owned company in Vietnam?

It usually takes around 30 days to register it.

What documents and information should foreign investors prepare for company registration in Vietnam?

If the founder is an individual, it is required to prepare:
– Passport;
– Bank statement;
– Office lease contract in Vietnam
If the founder is a company, it is required to prepare:
– Incorporation certificate;
– Article of association;
– Financial statement of the previous year;
– Bank statement of the company;
– Office lease contract in Vietnam;
– Passport of the legal representative of the company.
If the said documents are issued overseas, they must be consular legalized at the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in that country.


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