Wine retail license for consumption on the premises

Wine retail license in Ho Chi Minh City

“Wine” means any alcoholic products which are restricted from advertising and trading under the provisions of Vietnamese law. Individuals and/or organizations when opening restaurants, pubs, and bars, or other same kinds of business which sell alcoholic products to customers are required to apply for a wine retail license for consumption on the premises.

Legal basis:

  • The Decree No.105/2017/ND-CP dated September 14th, 2017 of the Government on liquor trading;
  • Other relevant legal documents.

Documents required for obtaining the License:

  • An application for  the wine retail license for consumption on the premises
  • A copy of an Enterprise Registration Certificate or Household Business Registration Certificate;
  • A copy of a lease/rental agreement or documents proving legitimate use rights to expected selling wine locations.
  • A copy of a wine purchase agreement with a trader who has a license for wine production/distribution/wholesale/retail sales. 
  • A written commitment made by the owner showing compliance with all requirements for fire protection and environmental safety at the premises selling wine for consumption in accordance with the law.


  • To submit documents to competent government agencies;
  • The competent government agencies will conduct on-site assessments (to inspect the location and wine products as well as to check if the establishment satisfies other related requirements);
  • The license will be issued if the establishment meets all the conditions.

Time of completion: 15 working days as of receipt of a valid dossier.

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