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ALB & Partners is recognized as a Vietnam international law firm in the field of construction, debt collection and dispute resolution by domestic, foreign clients and international standard systems. This firm is founded and managed by Vietnamese lawyers in connection with a network of reputable international law firms around the world. The relationship and cooperation with foreign lawyers to enable us to overcome cultural and territorial barriers to help our Clients to handle cases with international nature.

The success of this Vietnam international law firm, is based on providing satisfactory, outstanding and valuable legal advice to Clients who mostly are the biggest construction corporations in Vietnam like Hoa Binh, Ricons, BW Windows, etc as well as international constructors and investors doing business in Vietnam. As a Vietnam international law firm, ALB & Partner guarantees that Clients shall not only receive exceptional services with reasonable costs but also feel satisfaction with expected results.  

In addition to our strengths in the field of legal advice on construction and dispute resolution, ALB & Partners Law Firm provides other legal services including:

Together with qualified and extensively experienced lawyers, ALB & Partners has a great team of legal counselors, many of whom used to be judges at courts or arbitrators and experts in their areas who are ready to give expert advice to our Clients protecting their legitimate rights and interests, preventing or settling any legal issues for their business in Vietnam. As a result, we always take pride in ourselves as appreciated by Clients as one of the prestigious law firms in Vietnam.

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Should Clients need legal assistance from ALB & Partners Law Firm, feel free to contact us via email: [email protected]

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